Other:                            Baluster Not Included

Warranty:                       Limited Lifetime

Included Accessories:   (1) Set screw

Material Type:               Powder-Coated Aluminum

Pack Size:                     Each

Width:                            3/4″ Round

Colors:                           Black, Bronze, White

Dimensions:                   1.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 in

Weight:                          0.19 lbs

Product Specifications

Here is an easy way to give your balusters a new look.  Be creative and use these stylish collars to have that distinctive one-of-a kind look that is all yours.  Ultimate offers two round styles of the powder-coated aluminum collars with color matching set-screws for easy installation. These collars simply slide over the baluster and put in place wherever you want them.  Add more than one to a baluster for added details.

Round Collar